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Ashley Joy Anti-Dandruff & Anti Hair Loss Men’s Shampoo strengthens your hair and provides special care against dandruff and hair loss. While the nettle in its content prevents hair loss; The combination of 4 minerals, zinc, copper, iron, and magnesium, repairs, strengthens, and delays hair aging. While tea tree extract prevents dandruff with its antioxidant properties, menthol reduces oiliness in the hair and refreshes the scalp. It does not contain SLES, SLS, and PARABEN.


Ashley Joy Anti-Frizz Shampoo aims to achieve a smooth appearance without embossing your hair. With avocado oil inside it provides hair soft, flexible, and easy to shape. It supports the shine and helps to prevent electricity by moistening the hair. Keeps your hair under control and calms it regularly. It doesn’t contain paraben and paraffin. Ideal for dry and thick hair types.


Antifreeze Shampoo, which will care for your hair while soothing your dry, thick and electrified hair, offers the most effective care. With the avocado oil in it, it supports you to have soft, flexible, easily manageable hair, while moisturizing it and preventing electrification. With regular use, it controls your hair, calms it and gives shine. It is recommended to use it together with the Non Rinse Care Cream for the most effective results. With its non oily build, it aims to moisturize your hair without creating a feeling of heaviness. It prevents the problem of electrification and swelling. With avocado oil in its content, it provides shine while restoring the moisture lost by your dry hair. Vitaherb complex strengthens the hair and protects your hair color with aloevera and chamomile extracts.


Ashley Joy Argan Hair Serum helps dry, damp, and damaged hair look healthier and stronger. It supports the radiant and power of lifeless hair. It helps to nourish the hair with vitamin A, which is provided by carrot oil. It helps to moisturize your hair. It won’t be rinsed.


It helps dry, dehydrated, worn and lifeless hair look healthy and strong. Every moment of the day supports your dull, lifeless hair to regain its shine. With the Vitamin A provided by carrot oil, it helps to nourish, moisturizes your hair and straightens hair ends and prevents the appearance of split ends. Herbal Hair Care Oil has 100% herbal content enriched with 24 different vegetable oils. It helps your hair regain its strength. The antioxidant properties of vitamins A and E in its content help protect your hair from the harmful effects of sunlight, while Baobab oil moisturizes your hair intensely.


Ashley Joy Argan and Olive Oil Shampoo moisturize your hair and make it look brighter and more vibrant. Olive oil helps prevent breakage of hair ends. It supports the restructuring of your hair in regular use. It does care without aggravating your hair. It doesn’t contain paraben and paraffin. Ideal for all hair types.


Ashley Joy Silver Shampoo neutralizes unwanted orange reflections in platinum, blonde, gray, and brown hair, giving the hair shine and vitality again. Your hair regains its natural shine and softness. While it makes dull hair shine and gains quality by strengthening with blueberry containing vitamin A, Provitamin B5 reduces hair tip breakage and provides moisture to the hair.


Brush bristles are thin, strong, and flexible. Thanks to special bristles, you can easily comb both wet and dry hair without tearing and pain. The silicone ball heads at the end of comb hair, massage your scalp to speed up your blood circulation.


Brush bristles are thin, strong, and flexible. Thanks to special bristles, you can easily comb both wet and dry hair without tearing and pain. The silicone ball heads at the end of comb hair, massage your scalp to speed up your blood circulation.


By applying heat treatment to our hair, we also want to prevent it from being damaged while styling. Thanks to its specially developed formula, Hair Care Spray provides perfect combing after the shower with the almond oil and wheat protein it contains, while protecting the hair from all harmful effects of heat treatments and keeping the shape permanent. With its moisturizing and brightening formula, you can care all day long by applying it to your hair with its structure suitable for use especially on the beach after the sea and pool. For a more effective and supportive care, you can use the No Rinse Care Cream at the beach. Owing to its color protection feature, it minimizes the damage to your hair color, prevents electrification and provides shine.


Helps your damaged hair become more resilient. It strengthens your damaged hair from processed, heat, and environmental factors. It supports the restructuring of your hair. Rosemary extract in its content aims to deep clean your hair and helps strengthen weak hair strands with minerals. The formula developed with Sodium PCA aims to moisturize your hair and scalp. It doesn’t include paraben.


It is a restorative care mask for treated hair that has lost its vitality. While maintaining the moisture balance of the hair with the Sodium PCA in its content, the green tea and horsetail plant inside it helps to store intense moisture at the same time. Biotin, keratin, and arginine in it give strength and flexibility to the hair and prevent breakage.