Dry shampoo acts as a complete savior in daily life. Some days we are busy and the time we can devote to ourselves for our personal care can be very limited. Sometimes although we have done new hair care ; We need a quick and practical hair care due to factors such as the pollution of city life, the ability of the hair to get oily quickly or stress. At this point, we need solutions that are both practical and can provide us with the results we want. This shampoo also helps to fix these problems.

In fact, our cute friends dogs have a big share in the emergence of these shampoos. Frequent washing of dogs disrupts the oil balance in their skin, and the wrong use of shampoo can have bad consequences for dogs’ skin. For this reason, the use of dry shampoo for dog cleaning is being developed. These shampoos, which are developed for use without the need for water, are then ideally formulated for human use, resulting in dry shampoo , one of the greatest saviors of women.

Everywhere With Me!

Inspired by nature and using completely natural products in its ingredients, Ashley Joy offers dry shampoo options that you can easily carry with you whenever you need it. Ashley Joy dry shampoos produced with the motto “Everywhere With Me” quickly give your hair the volume and naturalness you want to see.

Ashley Joy Natural Appearance Dry Shampoo gives volume and fullness to your hair while helping to eliminate the oily look. You can have a clean and fresh appearance immediately after using the product. The product, which has Color Uv Protection feature that protects your hair color, does not leave any residue on your hair because it is an invisible formula.

Designed to add more volume to your hair and remove oily appearance Ashley Joy Extra Volume Dry Shampoo instantly penetrates your scalp and removes oils, helping your hair shine healthily.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Before use, shake well and apply dry shampoo by dividing your hair into sections, from a distance of 30 cm to each section. In order for the product to penetrate your hair well, you should massage your scalp with your fingertips. Finally, you can gently comb your hair and give it the shape you want.

Also; Ashley Joy is formulated in an invisible structure so it does not leave any powder residue on your hair and does not cause an uncomfortable appearance.

We wish you a beautiful day, dazzling.

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Ashley Joy Argan Hair Serum helps dry, damp, and damaged hair look healthier and stronger. It supports the radiant and power of lifeless hair. It helps to nourish the hair with vitamin A, which is provided by carrot oil. It helps to moisturize your hair. It won’t be rinsed.


Almond oil and wheat protein enriched with special formula allow easy and hassle-free combed of your hair after the shower. It also nourishes your hair and helps repair broken ends. It prevents your hair from becoming electrified, gives your hair shine and softness. It makes your hair easy to shape and make the blow-dry permanent. It also fights hair loss. It helps to prevent damage caused by heat and mechanical processes. It won’t be rinsed.