The first sentence that many stylists and hairdressers say for dry hair is, “Nothing heals dry hair better than a great haircut.”. But considering that isn’t really an option for most of us right now, all we have is products ☺. Fortunately Ashley Joy products; are here to ensure that your hair gets the natural and deserved care with shampoo, conditioner, oil and mask options that will keep your dull and revitalized hair healthy until the next cut.


Choose Shampoo Carefully

This duo is just what you’ve been looking for ☺ Thanks to the avocado and aloe vera extracts in the Antfrizz shampoo and leave in hair treatment cream, it maintains the moisture balance of your hair, cares for it from the bottom to the end and creates a calming effect against sudden frizz. After the Antifreeze Shampoo, which we will apply by massaging from the bottom to the end during the shower, you can complete the drying and shaping processes and apply the leave in hair treatment cream to your hair. Your hair is always under your control, at any time of the day.


Washing your hair frequently will cause loss that little natural oil it has, making your hair drier. You can choose Ashley Joy Dry Shampoo varieties to give yourself more stylish hair for at least one day; also, combing your hair with a very dense fine comb or a dense brush disperses oils and prevents them from accumulating on the scalp. Of course our recommend is Ashley Joy Bamboo Hair Brush for this.

 Certain Solutions in One Use: Ashley Joy Disposable Restorative Hair Care Mask

What would you say if we say that it is possible to gain the moisture and shine your hair needs in one use? With Ashley Joy’s new disposable hair care masks, it is possible to provide everything your hair needs in one use!  Ashley Joy Repairing Hair Mask contains Keratin, which provides an effective care and repair for hair tired from chemical and thermal intense processes. It repairs worn hair strands, giving a silky touch and a shiny look. It helps to prevent possible damage and breakage by protecting your hair against processes. Biotin, an important vitamin, strengthens the hair, gives vitality and shine.

Oils for Hair Care

Ashley Joy Argan Hair Care Serum is a product that produces miraculous results when your hair loses its shine and vitality and you will never leave it after you try it once. Ashley Joy Argan Hair Serum; helps dry, dehydrated and damaged hair look healthier and stronger. Helps dull, lifeless hair to gain shine and strength. It moisturizes your hair while helping to nourish the hair with Vitamin A provided by the carrot oil it contains. Not rinsing. You can use it whenever you need it during the day!

How to apply?

Warm a pump Argan Care Serum in your palm, divide your damp or dry hair into two on the sides, apply half to the right side and half to the left side without reaching the roots. Depending on the density and length of your hair, you can increase or decrease the product you will apply in a controlled manner. After the application, style your hair as you want.