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Hair Care Spray

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Many processes or environmental factors that we have done damage our hair. Using protective products while performing these procedures will prevent our hair from becoming electrified, broken, and damaged in the long term, and will soften your hair.

When is Ashley Joy Hair Care Spray used?

  • To protect our hair from heat treatments such as blow dryers and curlers
  • In order to open more easily and not to be damaged while combing our hair that is tangled after the shower
  • In summer, to protect your hair from the harmful effects of sun, sea, and pool.

You can apply our product on both wet and dry hair – in a small amount to remove electricity – to hair lengths and ends.

Since Ashley Joy Hair Care Spray does not contain paraben, it can be used easily for little girls.

— Hair Care Spray Usage —

Shake the bottle well before use. Dry your wet hair gently with a towel. You can easily apply it to sections of your hair that you have difficulty opening or to all of your hair. Massage gently into your hair by spraying the required amount of product. You will start combing your hair easily and also maintain it. Do not rinse your hair after application. If you think you’re spraying too much, rub it gently with a towel.


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