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Haır Care

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Ashley Joy Argan Hair Serum helps dry, damp, and damaged hair look healthier and stronger. It supports the radiant and power of lifeless hair. It helps to nourish the hair with vitamin A, which is provided by carrot oil. It helps to moisturize your hair. It won’t be rinsed.


It is a restorative care mask for treated hair that has lost its vitality. While maintaining the moisture balance of the hair with the Sodium PCA in its content, the green tea and horsetail plant inside it helps to store intense moisture at the same time. Biotin, keratin, and arginine in it give strength and flexibility to the hair and prevent breakage.


Almond oil and wheat protein enriched with special formula allow easy and hassle-free combed of your hair after the shower. It also nourishes your hair and helps repair broken ends. It prevents your hair from becoming electrified, gives your hair shine and softness. It makes your hair easy to shape and make the blow-dry permanent. It also fights hair loss. It helps to prevent damage caused by heat and mechanical processes. It won’t be rinsed.


The argan oil in the Ashley Joy Hair Care Mask aims to moisturize, protect and strengthen hair. It provides in-depth care to dry and damp hair. It helps to keep the hair soft and shiny. It is rinsed easily with its light structure, it does not aggravate your hair. It doesn’t contain paraben and paraffin. Ideal for dry and dehydrated hair types.


Fortified with 24 herbal oils, Ashley Joy Hair Care Oil helps your hair regain its health. It is especially suitable for your hair that is painted and worn. The antioxidant properties of vitamins A and E in its content help protect your hair from the harmful effects of sunlight, while Baobab oil moisturizes your hair intensively.


With its oil-free texture, it moisturizes your hair without weighing it down. It prevents frizz and protection the color. With its avocado oil, it restores the moisture lost to the dry ends and gives shine. Thanks to the Vitaherb complex, Aloe vera, and chamomile extracts strengthen the hair. 200 ml


Rich in vitamin E, with sweet almond oil, Ashley Joy Repairing Conditioner aims to care for your hair and protect your hair against environmental factors. It helps to make your hair look voluminous and shiny and provides easy combed. The minerals contained in almond oil help strengthen your damaged hair. Shea butter gives a soft touch. It doesn’t contain paraben.