Hair is one of themostimportantelements of a healthyandbeautifullook. Shining and healthy hair makes you feel good and shine a light around you.

Factors such as stress, hair structure, intense work pace or city life can adversely affect hair healt hand cause your hair todry. In this post on AshleyJoy’s blog, we tell about care tips for dry hair.

Use Special Shampoo for Dry Hair

Knowing your hair structure and using the appropriate shampoo is the most important step for healthy hair. Always changing the shampoo and using products that are not suitable for your hair will cause your hair to become damaged, moist and dry.

Ashley Joy Strengthening Shampoo

helps you regain your life-free hair and regain its strength. Garlic, nettle and garlic shampoo your hair by protecting it from your hair and keep your hair younger and longer for longer. You can use a fortifying shampoo for the volume of your dry hair and for the thickening of your hair.

Don’t Comb Your Hair When It’s Wet

It makes sense to blow people up when they’re wet, because it’s easy and fast and a very common method, but it’s actually wrong. When the hair falls out, it is done more easily. When your dry and damaged hair is wet, it can cause more wear and breakage of your hair. To avoid this situation, after your hair dries, take it with you with a comb suitable for your hair structure.

If Your Hair is difficult to open after drying, you can moisturize your hair with a non rinse conditioner.

Ashley Joy Leave-In Conditioning Cream

It moisturizes your hair without weight and prevents breakage. With theavocadooil inside, it gives them moisture and shine. With regular use, you can observe that your dry and damaged hair become healthier.

Before Blow Dry, HydrateYour Hair

If You Blow Dry Your Hair a lot, thismaycauseyourhairtodryand break after a while. Applying Ashley Joy Hair Care Oil enriched with 24 herbal oils your hair before blow-drying, you can ensure that your hair is not damaged during blow drying.

To Have more detailed Information About This, you can read your article on Hair Protection Before Blow Drying Tips.

Take Time ForYourHair

Routine hair care is one of the most enjoyable ways to spare time for yourself and to keep your hair shine healthy. Make it a habit to do hair care one day a week. Ashley Joy Hair Care Mask It moisturizes, protects and strengthens your hair with the oil it contains. Hair care mask that helps your hair to be soft and shiny. It does not contain paraben and paraffin. Thanks to the hair care, you can see the start of your dry and dehydrated hair in a short time.

We wish you a day enjoying your healthy glowing hair!

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Ashley Joy Argan Hair Serum helps dry, damp, and damaged hair look healthier and stronger. It supports the radiant and power of lifeless hair. It helps to nourish the hair with vitamin A, which is provided by carrot oil. It helps to moisturize your hair. It won’t be rinsed.


Almond oil and wheat protein enriched with special formula allow easy and hassle-free combed of your hair after the shower. It also nourishes your hair and helps repair broken ends. It prevents your hair from becoming electrified, gives your hair shine and softness. It makes your hair easy to shape and make the blow-dry permanent. It also fights hair loss. It helps to prevent damage caused by heat and mechanical processes. It won’t be rinsed.