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Brand History


Nature is a resource that shares us with its numerous riches, feeding both our body and spirit… And we are a unique whole where the spirit and the body merge with each other.
We at Ashley Joy are committed ourselves to take good care of this unique whole, love our body, skin, and hair and, feed them in the most natural ways.
We have begun our journey with herbal hair care products that refresh our hair from follicles to edges while stimulating our feelings.
It is our passion to be your personal care brand that brings you to nature with any product you may need.


The history of Ashley Joy started when Aslı Şen, the creator of our brand, was looking for a hair care product for herself. Becoming aware of the fact that treated hair losses its naturalness, health, and glow, Ms. Şen tries many different products to avoid it, but fails to get the results she was looking for.
After a long period of searches, she creates a mixture with 24 different and natural oils. With this new creation, she finally achieves to make her hair glowing, easy to shape, and calm. Ms. Şen gives this mixture as a gift to her family and friends. The results are so positive that, anyone who tries it immediately asks for another one.
Inspired by the stories of those who have tried the product about a perfect transformation on their hair, Ms. Şen wants to share this unique mixture with women from all over the world who experience the same problems. She makes a team of specialists and, the first steps of Ashley Joy start to be taken.